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The Rise of the South African Novel
by Elmar Lehmann
The present volume is to date the only comprehensive study of the beginnings of narrative prose writing in South Africa, covering the period from the 1890s to the 1920s. As ca...
$149.00 (hb)
Tell el-Dab'a XIV.2
by Miriam Müller
This volume is the result of a comprehensive analysis of one of Tell el-Dab?a's residential areas, the ancient Avaris, one of the largest cities of the Eastern Mediterranean i...
$198.00 (pb)
Stories in Glass
by David King and photographs by Paul Harley
Norfolk's churches are home to some of the highest-quality and best-preserved medieval stained glass in Britain. Panels produced in the county's extensive and long-lasting wor...
$38.00 (hb), $31.00 (pdf), $30.99 (oth)
From Confucius to Zhu Xi
edited by Thierry Meynard and Daniel Canaris
On 25 September 1710, Pope Clement XI finally promulgated the 1704 decree Cum Deus optimus, which condemned the toleration of certain Confucian rituals among Chinese Catholic ...
$150.00 (hb)
Winchester in the Early Middle Ages
edited by Martin Biddle
London and Winchester were not described in the Domesday Book, but the royal properties in Winchester were surveyed for Henry I about 1110 and the whole city was surveyed for ...
$135.00 (hb)
Paul and the Citizen Body
by Janelle Peters
In this study, Janelle Peters argues Paul's construction of an individual body and communal body in 1 Corinthians serves as an alternative to Roman and Greek models of citizen...
$87.00 (pb)
Tales of Tools
by Flavia Nessi-Yazitzoglou
This book pays tribute to the artisanal craft of woodcarving plied in the production of various richly decorated textile tools of the XIX and XX centuries traditionally associ...
$60.00 (pb)
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