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Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Continuous-Time Systems with and without Time-Delays
by Marcus Reble
ISBN-13 9783832533816
ISBN-10 3832533818


Haggai, Sacharja, Maleachi
by Ina Willi-Plein
ISBN-13 9783290147662
ISBN-10 3290147665



Aarhus_University_Press Aarhus University Press focuses on the highest professional quality in scholarly publications, the dissemination of scientific work to a broad reader audience, a strong emphasis on publishing in English, and top quality book craftsmanship. The Press concentrates not only on the publishing of academic literature but also on publications that propagate knowledge and debate. Common to all books is their strong scholarly base.
Acumen_Publishing Acumen , formed in 1998 by Steven Gerrard, has built a distinguished list in Philosophy and the History of Ideas. Acumen publishes at all levels from award-winning multi-volume reference works of authoritative scholarship, to introductory textbooks and best-selling popular works.
Africa Magna Verlag was founded in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 2003. From its beginnings, the publishing house has set new standards regarding the development of products for the relatively small but growing international market of scientific publications in African archaeology and related disciplines. Though based in Germany, Africa Magna mostly publishes works in English and French, destined to a multinational readership. Africa Magna’s flagship product is the Journal of African Archaeology. This is a scientific periodical appearing half-yearly since 2003 that publishes peer-reviewed articles written by renowned international scholars. Since 2007, Africa Magna issues a book series complimentary to that periodical: the Journal of African Archaeology Monograph Series. The series encompasses monographs that focus on particular research topics, sites or regions, as well as thematically more comprehensive volumes.
Archaeology and Art Publications has been publishing books on archaeology, history, and art history since 1978. The AAP catalogue includes a broad selection of publications, ranging from specialized scholarly monographs to popular guides of famed touristic sites in English, German, French and Turkish. AAP also publishes a bimonthly journal, Archaeology and Art. For three decades, this periodical has presented the academic contributions of the world's leading scholars of Anatolian archaeology and art. Published in Turkish, with selected articles in English and German, Archaeology and Art presents informative, in-depth, and copiously illustrated articles for specialists and general readers alike.
ASOR ASOR - founded in 1900 - is a non-profit organization dedicated to the archaeology of the Near East. ASOR's mission is to initiate, encourage and support research into, and public understanding of, the peoples and cultures of the Near East from the earliest times. The ASOR Publishing Department provides a number of venues for scholars to share their research.
Austrian Academy of Sciences (Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften) is part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, located in Vienna, Austria. The press publishes books, journals, reference works, and eBooks in the humanities and social sciences, and specializes in Middle Eastern and Asian Studies, Archaeology, History, Numismatics, and Byzantine Studies, with approximately 3300 titles in print.
Brepols_Publishers Brepols Publishers is an international academic publisher of works in the humanities. The focus of its publications lies in "source-works" from Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period, that is, critical editions of original texts and documents in their original language, reference works, as well as monograph studies and cutting-edge research.
Cambridge Scholars Publishing is an independent, specialist academic publishing house, with a catalogue of over 3,750 titles. Founded by former lecturers and researchers from Cambridge University, they publish original academic work on a wide range of subjects, with a particular focus on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
De Boccard has been a publishing house for scholarly works for almost one hundred and fifty years. It publishes individual works and series under its own imprint after acceptance by the editorial board, and also distributes the journals, individual works and series published by some of the most prestigious institutions in France and abroad in all areas of research (principally on Antiquity and the Middle Ages but also on modern and contemporary subjects) covering all cultural areas in the East and West, ranging from Japan to Central America.
Ege Yayinlari started printing books about Anatolian Archaeology in 1990. In addition to Prehistory, Classical Archaeology, Byzantine and Ottoman Studies they include such related topics varying from environmental studies to philology; everything which helps understanding the past of Turkey is their world.
Eliot Werner Publications  (EWP) publishes academic and scholarly books in anthropology, archaeology, psychology, sociology, and related fields. EWP is directed by Eliot Werner, a skilled professional with thirty years of experience in scholarly and scientific publishing. As social sciences editor at Academic and Plenum presses between 1978 and 2001, Mr. Werner oversaw the publication of more than seven hundred books in a wide range of fields while initiating or acquiring nearly sixty journals, book series, serials, and treatises.
Encre_Marine Encre Marine - founded by Jacques Neyme in 1991 - is committed to publishing untrimmed works printed in blue ink, giving the reader the pleasure of cutting the pages of a book in order to slowly reveal its contents. Encre Marine specializes in the publication of renowned works of philosophy as well as literary and art reviews
Equinox_Publishing Equinox Publishing - founded in 2003 by Janet Joyce - publishes leading research work and textbooks in Archaeology, Linguistics, Biblical Studies, Religious Studies as well as a successful list of Popular Music books alongside a growing list of journals.
Gerlach_Press Gerlach Press is the recently established publishing division of Gerlach Books, a business founded in Berlin in 1997 supplying specialist academic publications to customers in 82 countries. The publishing division is now building on its existing dynamic customer base and publication model of peer-reviewed scholarship to create a new cutting-edge program concentrating exclusively on Middle East & Islamic Studies.
Greece and Cyprus Research Center The series, “Sources for the History of Cyprus,” was conceived by Paul W. Wallace, a professor in the Department of Classics at the University at Albany, NY. Initially, his intent was to provide in English translation easy access to the most important passages in ancient Greek, Latin and other ancient languages. Subsequent volumes contained translations from additional languages as well as a several dealing with the period of British rule in Cyprus. The documents in Volume IX were previously unpublished. ISD distributes the 14 volumes of the “Sources for the History of Cyprus" still in print (all volumes except VIII).
Harrassowitz_Verlag Harrassowitz Verlag publishes about 200 scholarly books and periodicals per year on Oriental, Slavic and Book and Library Studies and holds a stock of about 3000 different titles. The publishing section forms one part of Otto Harrassowitz GmbH & Co. KG, which is also famous for its outstanding service for libraries since 1872.
Harvey_Miller Harvey Miller aims at producing preeminent works of art-historical research and connoisseurship for a world-wide audience. As an imprint of Brepols, Harvey Miller maintains the high standards that established its reputation as the imprint of authority and quality for books in the history of art.
Hempen_Verlag Hempen Verlag - based in Bremen, Germany - was founded in 1999. The publishing house focuses on language course textbooks, as well as journals and academic books from highly qualified authors in the fields of Indo-European Studies, Oriental Studies, and Germanic Linguistics.
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