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Exploring English Phonetics
edited by Tatjana Paunovic and Biljana Cubrovic
ISBN-13 9781443835152
ISBN-10 1443835153


Macht und Psyche in Organisationen
edited by Rolf Haubl
ISBN-13 9783525451663
ISBN-10 3525451660


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Journeying along Medieval Routes in Europe and the Middle East
edited by Alison Gascoigne, Leonie Hicks and Marianne O'Doherty
Focusing on routes and journeys throughout medieval Europe and the Middle East in the period between Late Antiquity and the thirteenth century, this multi-disciplinary book dr...
$117.00 (hb)
Impoliteness in Corpora
by Hatice Celebi
This book aims at devising a methodological framework to analyse impoliteness in corpora. In doing so, it tackles the issue of the methodology of extracting and analysing impo...
$100.00 (hb)
A Terracotta Treasure at Assos
by Tuna Sare Agturk and Nurettin Arslan
During the summer of 1995, Turkish archaeologists discovered a unique Late Classical tomb in the Western Necropolis of Assos. A modestly designed cist grave, Tomb 4 surprised ...
$30.00 (pb)
Reading Dionysus
by Courtney J. P. Friesen
Courtney J. P. Friesen explores shifting boundaries of ancient religions by way of the reception of a popular tragedy, Euripides' Bacchae. As a play staging political crises p...
$119.00 (pb)
The Chinese Language Demystified
by Zhengming Du
The Chinese Language Demystified offers a detailed exploration of the features that have made Mandarin Chinese so unique among the major languages of the world, particularly E...
$71.95 (hb)
The United States and the Gulf
edited by Steven Hook and Tim Niblock
The Gulf region's relations with the outside world are changing radically. The Gulf's major trading partners are now no longer predominantly Western. China, in particular, now...
$94.00 (hb)
Human Development in Sacred Landscapes
edited by Lutz Käppel and Vassiliki Pothou
"Holy Landscape" is a term frequently used to describe a multidimensional phenomenon. What this actually comprises is hard to define. Precisely this question is addressed in t...
$50.00 (hb)
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