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Die Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
by Guido Thiemeyer
ISBN-13 9783170232549
ISBN-10 3170232541


The Uppsala Meeting
edited by Éva A. Csató, Birsel Karakoç and Astrid Menz
ISBN-13 9783447106894
ISBN-10 3447106891


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Romanesque Cathedrals in Mediterranean Europe
edited by Gerardo Boto Varela and Justin E.A. Kroesen
From the tenth to the twelfth centuries, cultural and artistic interchange around the Mediterranean gave rise to the first truly European art period in Medieval Western Europe...
$122.00 (pb)
The Power of Language
by Lynne Young, Michael Fitzgerald, and Saira Fitzgerald
The second edition of this highly regarded textbook is designed to introduce students at the tertiary level to both Systemic Functional Linguistics and Critical Discourse Anal...
$100.00 (hb), $27.95 (pb)
Martin Luther. Treasures of the Reformation
edited by the Minneapolis Institute of Art and The Morgan Library and Museum

In the framework of the Here I Stand project, exhibitions will be shown in Minneapolis, New York, and Atlanta in Fall 2016. Focusing on unique exhibits from authentic places o...
$38.95 (hb)
Hauptwerke politischer Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert
edited by Andrew Hemingway and Norbert Schneider
The authors of this volume use a more methodological approach from the critical fine arts to interpret significant 20th century works of political art. They delve into these w...
$29.00 (pb)
Interactive Pluralism in Asia
edited by Simone Sinn and Tong Wing Sze
English summary: In today's multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Asian contexts, religious plurality is one of the hallmarks of many societies. This book provides new insights into...
$25.00 (pb)
Ranulph Higden, Speculum Curatorum - A Mirror for Curates. Book II
by E. Crook and M. Jennings
Ranulph Higden's Speculum curatorum was composed in England about 1350. Book II treats the types and originating circumstances of all sin, but mostly focuses on the seven capi...
$91.00 (pb)
Illuminating Osiris
edited by Richard Jasnow and Ghislaine Widmer
Illuminating Osiris comprises twenty-seven articles by students, friends, and colleaguesin honor of Mark Smith, Professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford. Smith is e...
$110.00 (hb), $110.00 (pdf)
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