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Final Reports of the Syrian-German Excavations at Tell el-'Abd, Volume III
edited by Uwe Finkbeiner
Tell el-'Abd (Northern Syria, Tabqa Dam Basin) has been investigated in 1971/72 by Adnan Bounni and 1992-1994 by Altorientalisches Seminar of Tübingen University, confirm...
$147.00 (hb)
Byzantine Gender
by Leonora Neville
Why were virtuous Byzantine women described as manly? Why were boys' bodies thought to be closer in constitution to those of women than adult men? Did Byzantines think eunuchs...
$14.95 (pb)
LXX Song of Songs and Descriptive Translation Studies
by Dries De Crom
Dries De Crom intends to stimulate the cross-fertilization of Septuagint Studies and Translation Studies, particularly the theoretical framework of Descriptive Translation Stu...
$163.00 (hb)
Azione e Riconoscimento
by Marco Benazzato
La grande domanda che muove il pensiero politico di Hannah Arendt è: "come ristabilire un contatto con il mondo?". Come ricreare uno spazio nel quale l'uomo possa tessere la r...
$33.00 (pb)
Muslim Perceptions and Receptions of the Bible
by Camilla Adang and Sabine Schmidtke
The articles brought together in this volume deal with Muslim perceptions and uses of the Bible in its wider sense, including the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament as well as the ...
$44.95 (pb), $36.00 (pdf)
The Qur'an and Kerygma
by Jeffrey Einboden
The Qur'an's biblical foregrounds have long formed a controversial concern within Qur'anic Studies, with field-leading scholars debating the Muslim scripture's complex relatio...
$100.00 (hb), $29.95 (pb)
Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Südasiens - Vienna Journal of South Asian Studies 56-57 - 2015-2018
edited by Karin Preisendanz and Chlodwig Werba, editorial board member Alexandra Scheuba

$119.00 (pb)
Stakeholder Protection in Restructuring
edited by Erika Kovács and Martin Winner
. Unternehmensumstrukturierungen, insbesondere inländische und grenzüberschreitende Verschmelzungen und Spaltungen, sowie Sitzverlegungen können weitgehende Konsequenzen ...
$104.00 (pb)
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