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Prostestant Traditions and the Soul of Europe
edited by Gijsbert van den Brink and Gerard den Hertog
What binds contemporary Europeans together in terms of cultural values that go beyond a common interest in economic growth? In a time of resurging nationalist movements all ov...
$48.00 (pb)
Über den Alltag hinaus
edited by Shing Müller and Armin Selbitschka
In 21 Beiträgen ehren Schüler und Weggefährten aus München, Münster, Göttingen, Heidelberg, Cambridge und Oxford (GB), Los Angeles (CA), Tempe (AZ), Beijing und...
$133.00 (hb)
The Johannine Footwashing as the Sign of Perfect Love
by Bincy Mathew
The account of the footwashing in the Fourth Gospel has no proper parallel in antiquity. Bincy Mathew provides a critical and thorough exegetical analysis of the footwashing (...
$173.00 (pb)
Early Stuart Polemical Hermeneutics
by Darren M. Pollock
Darren M. Pollock examines the 1611 Romans hexapla commentary by the prolific Church of England preacher and controversialist Andrew Willet. While some have considered Willet'...
$125.00 (hb)
The Essay
edited by Dorothea Flothow, Markus Oppolzer and Sabine Coelsch-Foisner
The essay has constituted an important prose form since the sixteenth century and opens up an intriguing field for interdisciplinary study. Applied to such heterogeneous writi...
$76.00 (hb)
Cosmogonic Tattoos
by Jim Cogswell with contributions by Gunalan Nadarajan, Terry Wilfong, Kathryn Huss, MaryAnn Wilkinson, Claire Zimmerman, Karl Daubman, Daniel Herwitz and Raymond Silverman
Artist Jim Cogswell's "Cosmogonic Tattoos" is an ambitious work of contemporary art created for the windows of the University of Michigan Museum of Art and the Kelsey Museum o...
$27.95 (pb)
Syriac in its Multi-cultural Context
edited by M.S. Toprak, K. Akalin, H.G.B. Teule, E. Keser-Kayaalp and N. Doru
This volume contains the contributions presented at the First International Syriac Symposium organised by the newly established Artuklu University in Mardin (April 2012). A su...
$105.00 (pb)
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