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Der privatärztliche Abrechnungsbetrug
by Kerstin Stirner
ISBN-13 9783848720309
ISBN-10 3848720302


Grundlagen und Grundstrukturen eines Klimawandelanpassungsrechts
by Claus Fischer
ISBN-13 9783161529177
ISBN-10 3161529170


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Dimensions and Perspectives on Financial Participation in Europe
edited by Simon Fietze and Wenzel Matiaske
Financial participation of employees is a perennial debate in political discussions as well as in business practice and in social sciences research. On the European level in p...
$149.00 (pb)
Leadership, Social Memory and Judean Discourse in the Fifth-Second Centuries BCE
edited by Diana V. Edelman and Ehud Ben Zvi
The theme of leadership played an important role in ancient Israel and its discourse. It was explored time and again through memories of proper, improper and in-between leader...
$100.00 (hb), $29.95 (pb)
Adaptive Reuse
edited by Elisa Freschi and Philipp A. Maas
The theoretical framework of "Adaptive reuse" (a term originally developed in the field of architecture) is here applied to a wide spectrum of cultural activities, from the co...
$87.00 (pb)
Tertullian's Preface to Marcion's Gospel
by M. Vinzent
Over the past few years, scholarship has taken a new interest in the study of Marcion and particularly in his Gospel. Most recently several attempts have been made at reconstr...
$117.00 (pb)
The Complete Poetry and Music of Guillaume de Machaut, Volume 1
edited and translated by R. Barton Palmer and with Domenic Leo, Uri Smilansky and Yolanda Plumley
Guillaume de Machaut is the most important poet and composer of late medieval France. His unique and inventive output is the subject of this new, integrated edition of Machaut...
$29.95 (pb)
Eroticism in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
edited by I. Moulton
Magic rings; seductive she-devils; satyrs bound and whipped on stage; a woman sexually coerced in the confessional; a boy caught masturbating over a midwifery manual; a marria...
$91.00 (hb)
The Northern Face of Cyprus
by Latife Summerer and Hazar Kaba
This volume is an attempt to correct the imbalance in research created by exclusion of Northern Cyprus from the international scholarship over forty years. It aims for a balan...
$179.00 (hb)
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