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The Talmud - A Personal Take
by Daniel Boyarin, edited by Tal Hever-Chybowski
This collection of Daniel Boyarin's previously uncollected essays on the Talmud represents the different methods and lines of inquiry that have animated his work on that text ...
$225.00 (hb)
Reforming Early Modern Monarchies
edited by Sina Rauschenbach and Christian Windler
During the last decades of the 16th century, the political and economic pillars of the once-powerful empire of Charles I seemed to have become insecure and fragile. Subjects o...
$73.00 (hb)
The Kitchen and the Factory
by Katja Kanzler
This book asks for the cultural work that spaces of feminine labor do in antebellum texts from a variety of literary and 'para-literary' contexts. Singling out the kitchen and...
$57.00 (hb)
Tristan and Isolde
by Stephanie C. Van D'Elden
The story of Tristan and Isolde was one of the most popular in the Middle Ages. Resonances of it appear in other narratives, in poetry, and especially in art in the form of wa...
$188.00 (pb)
New Age in Norway
edited by Ingvild Sælid Gilhus, Siv Ellen Kraft and James R. Lewis
This volume investigates "alternative" spiritualities that increasingly cater for the mainstream within the secularized society of Norway, making Norwegian-based research avai...
$100.00 (hb), $40.00 (pb)
Guy of Saint-Denis
edited and translated by Constant J. Mews, John N. Crossley, Catherine Jeffreys and Carol J. Williams
The Tractatus de tonis of Guy of Saint-Denis (written ca. 1300-10) differs from other treatises on plainchant in the depth of its analysis of the various tones into which chan...
$47.95 (pb)
The Archaeology of the Ostraca House at Israelite Samaria
by Ron E. Tappy
George Andrew Reisner counted the Israelite ostraca among the most important finds ever recovered by the Harvard Expedition to Samaria. But the precise provenance of these his...
$89.95 (hb)
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