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Alexander and Dindimus
by Omar Khalaf
Alexander and Dindimus is an anonymous alliterative poem which tells the fictitious epistolary exchange between Alexander the Great and Dindimus, king of the Bragmans. It is a...
$60.00 (pb)
Martin Bucer (1491-1551)
edited by Christa Boerke, J.C. Klok, Marijn de Kroon and Willem van't Spijker and associate editor Günter Frank, Ute Lotz-Heumann, Barbara Mahlmann-Bauer, Johannes Schilling, Günther Wassilowsky, Siegrid Westphal, Tarald Rasmussen, Mathijs Lamberigts, Bruce Gordon and David M. Whitford
This present volume aims to stimulate Bucer-research as it brings together a selection of the best of De Kroon's and Van't Spijker's articles some of which appear for the firs...
$138.00 (hb)
Sumerian Texts from Ancient Iraq
by Benjamin Studevent-Hickman
The 145 tablets presented in this volume are among a larger group of 302 tablets confiscated by U.S. customs which were being stored in a World Trade Center building when it w...
$85.00 (hb), $68.00 (pdf)
International Forum on Audio-Visual Research Jahrbuch des Phonogrammarchivs 8
edited by Helmut Kowar and editorial board member Gerda Lechleitner and Christian Liebl

$59.00 (pb)
In Search of Ali ibn Abi Talib's Codex
by Seyfeddin Kara
The history of the text of the Qur'an has been a longstanding subject of interest within the field of Islamic Studies, but the debate has so far been focused on the Sunni trad...
$119.00 (hb)
Digital Techniques for Documenting and Preserving Cultural Heritage
edited by Anna Bentkowska-Kafel and Lindsay MacDonald
This collection presents a wide range of interdisciplinary methods to study, document, and conserve material cultural heritage. A wide variety of cultural heritage objects hav...
$115.00 (hb), $92.00 (pdf)
The Dedicated Spiritual Life of Upper Rhine Noble Women
by Anneke B. Mulder-Bakker
Lady Gertrude Rickeldey of Ortenberg (d. 1335) was a noble widow who lived a spiritual, but secular life in her own household, first in Offenburg and later in Strasbourg, the ...
$112.00 (hb)
Armut als Problem und Armut als Weg
edited by Bernd Schmies, Willem Marie Speelman, Angelica Hilsebein and Thomas Schimmel
Poverty is a problem that challenges every period, every society, and every religion. Nowadays, we regard poverty as a global and complex problem as more and more people are a...
$87.00 (hb)
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