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Perspectives on Platform Regulation
edited by Judit Bayer, Bernd Holznagel, Päivi Korpisaari and Lorna Woods
Online social media platforms set the agenda and structure for public and private communication in our age. Their influence and power is beyond any traditional media empire. T...
$208.00 (pb)
Coping with Religious Change in the Late-Antique Eastern Mediterranean
edited by Eduard Iricinschi and Chrysi Kotsifou
The authors of this volume explore the variety of religious responses to political, social, textual and ritual changes that occurred in the late antique Eastern Mediterranean....
$105.00 (pb)
The Bearers of Business Letters in Roman Egypt
by P. Schubert
In the absence of a postal service available to all, letters exchanged between the inhabitants of Roman Egypt were most often transmitted with the help of informal bearers who...
$32.00 (pb), $40.00 (pdf)
Renegotiating American Nationalism
by Verena Reiter
In its landmark ruling 'Obergefell v. Hodges', the U.S. Supreme Court held that the U.S. Constitution grants same-sex couples the right to marry. This decision marked a peak o...
$79.00 (hb)
Laying the Foundations
edited by John MacGinnis and Sébastien Rey
Laying the Foundations, which developed out of the British Museum's 'Iraq Scheme' archaeological training programme, covers the core components for putting together and runnin...
$60.00 (pb)
Misogyny in Psychoanalysis
by Michaela Chamberlain
In psychoanalysis, misogyny hides in plain sight, seemingly above and beyond the usual conventions of workplace etiquette or even a vague awareness of sexism. It is commonplac...
$19.99 (oth), $23.95 (pb), $23.95 (pdf)
Archaeology, Politics and Islamicate Cultural Heritage in Europe
edited by David Govantes-Edwards
Archaeology, Politics and Islamicate Cultural Heritage in Europe responds to the wishes of specialists in the history and archaeology of Islamicate societies in Europe to expl...
$120.00 (hb)
Identity Issues in European Literatures
edited by Agnieszka Adamowicz-Pospiech, Renata Dampc-Jarosz and Joanna Warmuzinska-Rogóz
This trilingual volume sets out to address the forms of otherness and types of the Other through the example of case studies of European literatures and to look at them from a...
$44.00 (hb)
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