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The Creation of the Illustrated Octateuch
by Jeffrey C. Anderson
The illustrated Octateuch is the most complex work of its kind produced in Byzantium. It consists of the first eight books of the Old Testament in the Septuagint translation, ...
$165.00 (hb)
After Ovid
edited by Franca Ela Consolino
The 2000th anniversary of Ovid's death, in 2017-2018, led to an upsurge in conferences and publications dedicated to the author's work and afterlife. One of these is the prese...
$94.00 (pb)
Stratton, Biggleswade
by Drew Shotliff and David Ingham, illustrated by Mike Trevarthen and contributions by Holly Duncan, Mark Maltby, Wendy Smith, Jackie Wells and illustrated by Joan Lightning, Cecily Marshall and Lisa Padilla
Stratton, Biggleswade: 1,300 years of village life in eastern Bedfordshire from the 5th century AD presents the results of 12 hectares of archaeological excavation undertaken ...
$64.00 (pb)
Beyond the Binary
edited by Shari Thurer
The increase in the number of non-binary children and adults in our society raises important treatment questions as well as much controversy. It seems essential that analysts ...
$21.95 (pb), $21.95 (pdf), $19.99 (oth)
Perspektiven einer kritischen Kunstwissenschaft / Perspectives in Critical Art History
edited by Martin Papenbrock and Andrew Hemingway
Der Band ist Jutta Held (1933-2007) und Norbert Schneider (1945-2019), der Gründerin und dem langjährigen Herausgeber von Kunst und Politik, gewidmet. Beide gehörten zur ...
$29.00 (pb)
Language - Belonging - Politics
edited by Konstanze Jungbluth, Mônica Savedra and Rita Vallentin
The premise of the contributions to this book is to conceive languages, groups and belonging in terms of social, symbolic and spatial boundaries. In language contact situation...
$69.00 (pb)
Tempora, tempora christiana - Zosimus
edited by Robert Dodaro, Cornelius Mayer and Christof Müller
Das Augustinus-Lexikon (AL) ist ein mehrbändiges Begriffs- und Real-Lexikon. In alphabetischer Reihenfolge erfasst es Begriffe, Personen und Sachen, die für Leben, Werk u...
$100.00 (pb)
When art and space meet
by Nora Küttel
Based on the premise that art as well as space are part and product of social, political, and economic relations, the book analyzes the dialectic relationship of artistic prac...
$61.00 (pb)
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