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Twenty-First Century Fiction
edited by Christoph Ribbat
ISBN-13 9783825350291
ISBN-10 3825350290


L'Amérique espagnole
by Oscar Mazin
ISBN-13 9782251410296
ISBN-10 2251410295


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Finding Myth and History in the Bible
edited by Lukasz Niesiolowski-Spanò, Chiara Peri and Jim West
The essays collected in this volume focus on methodological and historical topics related to the study of the history of ancient Israel.
Contributors offer readers new ...

$110.00 (hb), $34.95 (pb)
Business Networks Reloaded
edited by Stefanie Jung, Peter Krebs and Gunther Teubner
Business networks are an important economic phenomenon of increasing practical importance throughout Europe. This research volume examines business networks from an interdisci...
$164.00 (hb)
Agency and Patronage in Eastern Translatology
edited by Ahmed Ankit and Said Faiq
It is axiomatic that translation studies have been largely dominated by Western discourses on language, cultural and communication studies. Non-Western traditions and discours...
$81.95 (hb)
Power and Rural Communities in Al-Andalus
edited by Adela Fábregas and Flocel Sabate
This volume explores new definitions of state power in Al-Andalus throughout the Middle Ages by examining the interactions of the Andalusian state with its Islamic society, lo...
$104.00 (hb)
A Royal Book of Protection of the Saite Period
by Paul F. O'Rourke
This new study offers a comprehensive examination of a unique manuscript, a Late Period hieratic papyrus in the Brooklyn Museum. This document comprises a compilation of seven...
$49.95 (pb)
Aisthetics of the Spirits
edited by Steffen Schneider
English summary: The notion 'spirit' is dazzling: it has manifold meanings and plays a crucial role in Early Modern medicine, psychology, religion, natural philosophy and cosm...
$107.00 (hb)
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