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The Idiocy of Idealism
by Oscar Levy
So kommentiert Bernard Shaw Oscar Levys (siehe seine Handschrift auf dem Originalumschlag) letztes Buch, das 1940 in England erschien. Levy wendet sich hier gegen die verschie...
$44.00 (hb)
Writing History in Medieval Poland
edited by Darius von Güttner-Sporzynski
This volume presents an in-depth analysis of the Chronica Polonorum, one of the greatest works of the twelfth-century renaissance which profoundly influenced history writing i...
$100.00 (hb)
Law and the Arts
edited by Werner Gephart and Leko Jure
This volume documents the outcome of a working group regarding "Law and the Arts", which was organized by the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities "Law a...
$90.00 (pb)
Fighting Corruption in Paraguay and Chile
by Malte Gephart
Through this book the reader gains unique insights into how the international anti-corruption campaign and development discourse play out more broadly in a local context in La...
$51.00 (pb)
A Brief History of Jerusalem
by Klaus Bieberstein
Jerusalem has been the site of some of the most intensive archaeological research. Since 1838, numerous investigations have taken place. The most important discoveries were ma...
$65.00 (hb)
Bill Russell and the New Orleans Jazz Revival
by Ray Smith and Mike Pointon
Born in 1905, Bill Russell demonstrated diverse musical interests from an early age. Having been a contemporary of John Cage, Henry Cowell, and Lou Harrison, amongst others, h...
$50.00 (hb)
The Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript
edited by Karen Pratt, Bart Besamusca, Ad Putter, Matthias Meyer and contributions by Wendy Scase, Dieuwke van de Poel, Karl G. Johansson, Cécile de Morrée, Paolo Divizia, Thea Summerfield, Tamara Pérez Fernández, Daniel Ermens, John Scattergood, Kathy Krause, Hannah Morcos, Margaret Connolly, Rachel Sweet, Gerard Bouwmeester, Nicola Zotz, Kate Koppy, Karen Pratt, Bart Besamusca, Florian Kragl and Matthias Meyer
This collection of essays examines the various dynamic processes by which texts are preserved, transmitted, and modified in medieval multi-text codices, focusing on the meanin...
$75.00 (hb)
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