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Gender and Social Norms in Ancient Israel, Early Judaism and Early Christianity
edited by Michaela Bauks, Katharina Galor and Judith Hartenstein
The aim of the present conference volume is to study the interrelationship of literary and material approaches to historical investigation of gender. Paradigmatically the sign...
$138.00 (hb), $328.00 (pdf)
Probabilistic Fusion of Multiple Distributed Sensors
by Lukas Köping
The human perception of the environment is determined by the fact that a large number of sensory impressions are recorded and processed simultaneously by the brain. The combin...
$70.00 (pb)
Teaching the Posthuman
edited by Roman Bartosch and Julia Hoydis
The present collection takes stock of posthumanism and its theoretical development and impact in the field of Anglophone literary and cultural studies, with a particular focus...
$28.00 (pb)
The Arpads and Their Wives
by Attila Zsoldos
The book describes the structure of the Hungarian queenship in the age of the Arpáds (11-13th centuries), and reveals the nature of the relationship between the institution of...
$54.00 (hb)
Defining Jewish Medicine. Transfer of Medical Knowledge in Jewish Cultures and Traditions
edited by Lennart Lehmhaus
The present volume brings together a group of scholars from diverse fields in Jewish studies who deal with Jewish medical knowledge from ancient to medieval times, applying a ...
$92.00 (hb)
European Expansion and the Contested Borderlands of Late Medieval Podillya, Ukraine
by Vitaliy Mykhaylovskiy
This book focuses on a key zone within the eastern frontier of medieval Europe: Podillya in modern-day Ukraine. Vitaliy Mykhaylovskiy offers a definitive guide to the region, ...
$115.00 (hb)
Byzantine Hagiography
edited by Antonio Rigo, Michele Trizio and Eleftherios Despotakis
In recent years Byzantine hagiography has attracted renewed interest of the international community of Byzantine scholars and not only thanks to studies dedicated to this subj...
$124.00 (pb)
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