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Studies in the Christian Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity
by W. Evenepoel
In this volume twenty-two studies published by Willy Evenepoel in international journals and collections during the period 1978-2010 have been brought together, namely two gen...
$111.00 (pb)
Pythagorean Knowledge from the Ancient to the Modern World
edited by Almut-Barbara Renger and Alessandro Stavru
In both ancient tradition and modern research Pythagoreanism has been understood as a religious sect or as a philosophical and scientific community. Numerous attempts have bee...
$121.00 (hb)
edited by Fabian Klose and Mirjam Thulin
This volume investigates the development of the concepts and practices of "humanity" from the sixteenth century up to the present. By taking a comparative and interdisciplinar...
$94.00 (hb), $224.00 (pdf)
Political Theology in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
edited by Monserrat Herrero, Jaume Aurell and Angela Concetta Miceli Stout
This book aims to provide a new perspective on the subject, dealing with the events (historical events and intellectual discourses) connected with the political theology rathe...
$100.00 (pb)
The Impact of Naturalistic and Legal Positivist Doctrines on the Implementation of International Human Rights Treaty Law
by Despoina Glarou
The concept of human rights has developed during the last 60 years mainly through multilateral treaties as a positivist branch of public international law. However, key positi...
$143.00 (pb)
The Scholastic Project
by Clare Monagle
This is a somewhat polemical, and very passionate, plea for more work not only about the house that scholasticism built, but those who were excluded from it.


$14.95 (pb), $14.95 (pdf), $14.95 (oth)
Walking the Path of Service
by Llane B. Briese
Slavery is a grisly reality, one that persists in some forms even to the present day. The presence of language that speaks positively of this inhumane institution stands as em...
$23.00 (pb)
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