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Die freie Entwicklung innerlicher Kraft
by Anette Mook
ISBN-13 9783847100263
ISBN-10 3847100262


Die Pferdeheilkunde des Theomnest von Nikopolis
by Susanne Saker
ISBN-13 9783447057097
ISBN-10 3447057092


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Three Speeches by Venetian Ambassadors 1433-1486
edited by Jan Rothkamm
In an age characterized by the intensification of diplomatic relations on the one hand and a renewed interest in classical antiquity on the other, ambassadors were expected to...
$65.00 (pb)
(Hi-)Stories of the Gulag
edited by Felicitas Fischer von Weikersthal and Karoline Thaidigsmann
After decades of being concealed and downplayed, the Soviet Gulag system is gradually gaining attention. The opening of archives following the fall of the Soviet Union, new ed...
$60.00 (pb)
Early Christian Hagiography and Roman History
by Timothy D. Barnes
Timothy D. Barnes combines the techniques of critical hagiography and modern historical research to reach important and original results for the history of Christianity in the...
$44.00 (pb)
The String Quartet
edited by Christian Speck
The String Quartet: From the Private to the Public Sphere approaches the history and growing prestige of the string quartet from the time of its emergence, in circa 1750, unti...
$143.00 (hb)
Social Life under the Abbasids
by Muhammad Manazir Ahsan, with a new foreword by Julia Bray
Some thirty years have passed since the original publication of M. M. Ahsan's Social Life Under the Abbasids, but it remains an invaluable resource for the study of the materi...
$39.95 (pb), $39.95 (pdf)
Peripheral Concerns
by Susan Cohen
Peripheral Concerns examines the influence of one "core" region of the ancient Near Eastern world -- Egypt -- on urban development in the southern Levant in the Early and Midd...
$100.00 (hb)
Thoughts of a Polish Jew
by Artur Lilien-Brzozdowiecki, edited by Sergey R. Kravtsov and translated by Marya Lilien-Czarnecka and Joanna Grun
Thoughts of a Polish Jew: To Kasienka from Grandpa is a document of a personal and family memory, authored by Artur Lilien-Brzozdowiecki (1890-1958) in 1944/45. This memoir, w...
$39.00 (hb)
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