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Peter's Halakhic Nightmare
by John R.L. Moxon
Did Luke intend Peter's visionary command to eat 'unclean animals' in Acts 10 to suggest the dissolution of the Jewish Law? Whilst scholars have argued over sources, inconsist...
$135.00 (pb)
Forme e strutture della religione nell'Italia mediana antica
edited by Augusto Ancillotti, Alberto Calderini and Riccardo Massarelli
Il volume raccoglie gli Atti del III Convegno dell' Istituto di Ricerche e Documentazione sugli Antichi Umbri (IRDAU), che nel 2011 ha riunito oltre cinquanta Studiosi a Perug...
$369.00 (pb)
Vom punischen zum römischen Karthago
by Sebastian Modrow
Mit der Idee einer Erzfeindschaft zwischen Rom und Karthago seit urvordenklicher Zeit hat sich Vergil in der Aeneas-Dido-Episode seiner "Aeneis" wortgewaltig auseinandergesetz...
$92.00 (hb)
Pythagorean Knowledge from the Ancient to the Modern World
edited by Almut-Barbara Renger and Alessandro Stavru
In both ancient tradition and modern research Pythagoreanism has been understood as a religious sect or as a philosophical and scientific community. Numerous attempts have bee...
$121.00 (hb)
Episcopal Power and Local Society in Medieval Europe, 1000-1400
edited by Peter Coss, Chris Dennis, Melissa Julian-Jones and Angelo Silvestri
The medieval bishop occupied a position of central importance in European society between 1000 and 1400. Indeed, medieval bishops across Europe were involved in an assortment ...
$100.00 (hb)
The Texture of Casual Conversation
by Diana Slade and Christian Mattiessen
Over the last three decades there has been an ever-increasing interest in the analysis of spoken interaction. Work on casual conversation, which for a time was found to presen...
$120.00 (hb), $35.00 (pb)
Higher Education Investment in the Arab States of the Gulf
edited by Dale Eickelman and Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf
Over the last half-century, the GCC states have invested on a huge scale in higher education, but the stated commitment to internationally recognized excellence has also to co...
$107.00 (hb)
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