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Catalogue of Coptic and Arabic Manuscripts in Dayr al-Suryan. Volume 2
by S.J. Davis
A catalogue of the Coptic and Arabic collections at Dayr al-Suryan in Wadi al-Natrun, Egypt, to be published in multiple volumes, covering the following genre categories: Bibl...
$132.00 (pb), $165.00 (pdf)
St Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale, North Yorkshire
by Philip Rahtz and Lorna Watts
St Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale, North Yorkshire: Archaeological Investigations and Historical Context is the result of circa 20 years of work on and around the church of St Gr...
$68.00 (pb)
Beyond the Merely Feasible
edited by Uta Ruppert, Andrea Jung and Beatrix Schwarzer
This book makes an original contribution to the debate on transnational women's movements. Internationally renowned experts from the South and the West, discuss crucial questi...
$48.00 (pb)
Legacies of the Crusades
edited by Torben Kjersgaard Nielsen and Kurt Villads Jensen
When war ended, the hard work began. Crusader warfare was only the beginning, for after peace came huge and often fundamental changes for individuals and societies. First it w...
$110.00 (hb)
Dictionnaire des philosophes français du XVIIe siècle
translated by Luc Foisneau, assisted by Elisabeth Dutartre-Michaut
Eight thematic introductions, 690 entries, and a historical index raisonné make the Dictionnaire des philosophes français du XVIIe siècle an indispensable instrument for new e...
$123.00 (pb), $407.00 (hb)
Dharmottara's Pramanaviniscayatika Chapter 3
by Pascale Hugon
This new volume in the STTAR series follows up the publication of the critical edition of the third chapter of Dharmakirti's "Pramanaviniscaya" (on argumentation in philosophi...
$59.00 (pb)
From Pen to Pixel
edited by Patrizia Fortini and Krupali Krusche
Efforts to build, rebuild and maintain the Forum Romanum, Rome's historic urban epicenter, are likely as old as the place it self - some 2800 years. As a result the historic s...
$300.00 (pb)
Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire's Aesthetic Architecture of Revolt
by Sonya Isaak
This study is essential reading for those interested in cross-cultural nineteenth century literary developments. It introduces a novel axial methodology used to perform a comp...
$87.00 (hb)
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