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Analogie statt Übersetzung
by Stephan R. Jütte
ISBN-13 9783161543548
ISBN-10 3161543548


Understanding What One Reads
by J. Lambrecht
ISBN-13 9789042913028
ISBN-10 9042913029


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The Katherine Group (Bodley MS 34)
edited and translated by Emily Rebekah Huber and Elizabeth Robertson
The Katherine Group brings together for the first time newly edited and translated versions of three dynamic saints' lives, The Lives of Saints Katherine, Margaret and Juliana...
$35.00 (pb)
Ancient Mesopotamian Religion and Mythology
by W. G. Lambert, edited by A.R. George, T.M. Oshima
The late W.G. Lambert (1926-2011) was one of the foremost Assyriologists of the latter part of the twentieth century. His principle legacy is a large number of superb critical...
$149.00 (hb)
Between Israelite Religion and Old Testament Theology
edited by R.D. Miller
Although 'Theologies of the Old Testament' continue to proliferate, most of these do not interact with the many recent studies of Israelite religion that have appeared. Drawin...
$76.00 (pb)
Being Forgotten on the Internet
by Alexander Novotny
The boundless long-term retention of information about people's lives on the world wide web jeopardizes their reputation and deprives them of a fresh start. Mr. Costeja Gonzál...
$70.00 (pb)
Books for Captains and Captains in Books
edited by Marco Faini and Maria Elena Severini
This volume collects the papers presented at the conference "Books for Captains and Captains in books. Italo-German Conference on the training and image of the military leader...
$87.00 (hb)
Intellectual Property Rights
by David Price
This volume includes a range of topics addressing aspects of the current status of intellectual property (IP) protection regimes in the Gulf Cooperation Council and its indivi...
$107.00 (hb)
Romanesque Cathedrals in Mediterranean Europe
edited by Gerardo Boto Varela and Justin E.A. Kroesen
From the tenth to the twelfth centuries, cultural and artistic interchange around the Mediterranean gave rise to the first truly European art period in Medieval Western Europe...
$130.00 (pb)
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