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Wertebildung in der Schule
by Wilfried Schubarth, Christina Gruhne and Birgitta Zylla
ISBN-13 9783170287433
ISBN-10 3170287435


From Ebla to Stellenbosch
edited by Cornelius Izak and Louis Jonker
ISBN-13 9783447057769
ISBN-10 3447057769


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Discourses of Indigenous-Christian Elites in Colonial Societies in Asia and Africa around 1900
edited by Klaus Koschorke, Adrian Hermann, E. Phuti Mogase and Ciprian Burlacioiu
This documentary sourcebook presents a selection of articles from indigenous Christian journals from four regions in Asia and Africa around 1900 (India, South Africa, West Afr...
$125.00 (hb)
Artisanal Production in Ancient and Byzantine Thessaloniki
by Anastassios Ch. Antonaras and edited by Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie and Leo Ruickbie
For the first time, the arts and crafts of Thessaloniki, once the second largest city in the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople, are examined thoroughly through archaeologi...
$60.00 (hb)
Zhu Xi and Meister Eckhart
by S. Zheng
This book attempts a comparative study between Zhu Xi (1130-1200), a Neo-Confucian master of the Song Dynasty in China, and Meister Eckhart (1260-1327), a scholastic and mysti...
$114.00 (hb)
Hellenistic Dimensions of the Gospel of Matthew
by Robert S. Kinney
In the search for Matthean theology, scholars overwhelmingly approach the Gospel of Matthew as the "the most Jewish Gospel." Studies of its Sitz im Leben focus on its relation...
$134.00 (pb)
The Cistercian Monastery of Zaraka, Greece
edited by Sheila Campbell
During the Frankish Crusader period, Cistercian monks built and developed the monastery of Zaraka in Greece for approximately forty years and were followed first by squatters,...
$149.00 (hb)
Intellectual Property Rights
by David Price
This volume includes a range of topics addressing aspects of the current status of intellectual property (IP) protection regimes in the Gulf Cooperation Council and its indivi...
$107.00 (hb)
Paths to Belonging
edited by Vasile Docea
The volume is a multidisciplinary investigation of Banat identity, a former Austro-Hungarian region, currently shared by Romania, Serbia and Hungary. It brings together the st...
$81.00 (pb)
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