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Music, Analysis, and the Body
edited by N. Reyland and R. Thumpston
How do our embodied experiences of music shape our analysis, theorizing, and interpretation of musical texts, and our engagement with practices including composing, improvisin...
$119.00 (hb), $149.00 (pdf)
Paradigms of Internet Regulation in the European Union and China
edited by Christoph Krönke, Michael W. Müller, Wenguang Yu and Wei Tian
This volume collects papers resulting from a joint project between Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and Renmin University of China on "Paradigms of Internet Regulation in t...
$75.00 (pb)
Sargonic Texts from Telloh in the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, Part 2
by Benjamin R. Foster
This volume continues publication of the Sargonic tablets from Telloh in the Istanbul Archeological Museums begun with STTI in 1982. Presenting transliterations of 693 texts f...
$39.95 (pb), $56.00 (pdf)
Pleasure and Politics at the Court of France
by Tracy Hamilton
For her commissioning and performance of a French vernacular version of the Arabic Tale of the Thousand and One Nights - recorded in one of the most vivid and sumptuous late t...
$143.00 (hb)
edited by Stephan Koja and Andreas Henning
Titians "Lady in White" is full of grace¡fulness and beauty but also full of mysteries. Speculations have always been made about the identity of the young woman. Is she the ar...
$35.95 (pb)
Europäischer Gottesdienstatlas / European Atlas of Liturgy
edited by Jochen Arnold and Adél Dávid
Europe is growing together. What in political contexts is often only a pious hope may be experienced in many places in regard to worship service. The worship atlas of the Comm...
$32.00 (pb)
The New Nomadic Age
by Yannis Hamilakis
It can be suggested that today we live in a new nomadic age, an age of global movement and migration. For the majority of people on earth, however, especially from the global ...
$50.00 (pb)
Music and Power in the Baroque Era
edited by Rudolf Rasch
Music always functions in a specific environment and, viewed from the other side, environments use music to confirm and strengthen their identities. Institutions of power have...
$150.00 (hb)
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