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Graeca non leguntur?
by Heinz Barta
ISBN-13 9783447061216
ISBN-10 3447061219


Römische Schlachtenrhetorik
by Stefan Gerlinger
ISBN-13 9783825354503
ISBN-10 3825354504


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by C. Waerzeggers
Marduk-remanni was a Babylonian man who lived in the provincial town of Sippar during the first decades of Persian rule in Mesopotamia (second half of the sixth century BC). H...
$142.00 (hb)
International Law and the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions
edited by Thomas Eger, Stefan Oeter and Stefan Voigt
The economic analysis of international law is a field of research which is still very new but which for several years has been growing and become extremely promising. For this...
$128.00 (pb)
Fascism in Greece
by Harry Cliadakis
From 1936 to 1941 Greece was ruled dictatorially by a duumvirate of King George II and General Metaxas. In the scholarly literature the regime of 4th August, as it called itse...
$53.00 (hb)
Social Inequality and Leading Principles in Welfare States
by Patricia Frericks
Since the 1990s, and increasingly so, European welfare states have been undergoing fundamental change. The analysis presented in this book shows that these changes may be inte...
$81.95 (hb)
Miscellaneous Manichaean Hymns
edited by Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst
This is an edition of a large number of fragments of Middle Persian and Parthian Manichaean hymns in the Berlin Turfan Collection. M. Boyce in the register of her 1960 Catalog...
$104.00 (pb)
Nahum / Habakkuk / Zephaniah
by Walter Dietrich, translated by Peter Altmann
The distinctiveness of this commentary lies in its consistent rotation between synchronic and diachronic views. This double perspective is directed toward the three prophetic ...
$105.00 (hb)
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