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Bernard Berenson and Byzantine Art
by Gabriella Bernardi and Spyros Koulouris
The American art historian Bernard Berenson, born in 1865, is famous for his pioneering studies of the Italian Renaissance, but his work on Byzantine art remains less well-kno...
$150.00 (hb)
Gift to the Church and World
edited by Donald Wallenfang and John C. Cavadini
Few books in theology have faced the twentieth century with all its horrors and yet revoiced the redemptive Christian antidote as convincingly as Joseph Ratzinger's 1968 maste...
$45.00 (pb), $36.00 (pdf)
The New Testament Concept of Atonement
by H. D. McDonald, foreword by Matthew Jensen
For the Christian faith, questions relating to God can essentially be viewed as centred on the person of Jesus Christ. In The New Testament Concept of Atonement, H.D. McDonald...
$83.00 (hb), $30.00 (pb)
An Ontological Freedom
by Francisco Bastitta Harriet
This book explores the invention, significance and actual history of self-creative freedom from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance.

Gregory of Nyssa, the great Cap...

$135.00 (hb)
edited by Laura Battini
Ash-sharq is a journal devoted to short articles on the archaeology, history and society of the Ancient Near East....
$70.00 (pb)
Succession upon Death
by Biset Sena Günes
The European Succession Regulation, which harmonized private international and procedural law rules of Member States in the field of succession, has been examined by scholars ...
$105.00 (pb)
Ivories, Rock Reliefs and Merv
edited by Dirk Wicke and John Curtis
This festschrift, celebrating Georgina Herrmann's 85th birthday, encompasses 28 contributions. In accordance with significant topics of Georgina Hermann's scholarly devotion t...
$160.00 (hb), $160.00 (pdf)
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