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In Search of the Seven Sages of Ancient Mesopotamia
edited by Josephine Fechner
The ancient Mesopotamian erudite scholarly tradition of Enki's / Ea's sacred entourage of the seven mytho-priestly apkallu sages, who, according to the ancient Greek historian...
$153.00 (hb)
Franz Liszt under the Light of Progress
by Willy Bettoni
The idea of progress became increasingly relevant during the 19th century, eventually instigating a paradigm shift. This transformation facilitated not only the emergence of n...
$111.00 (pb)
Orientation of Prehistoric Monuments in Britain
by Alistair Marshall
Orientation of Prehistoric Monuments in Britain: A Reassessment views the type of major axial alignment seen at many megalithic ritual and funerary monuments of Neolithic to B...
$119.00 (pb)
Constitutional History of Serbia
by Dragoljub Popovic
The author displays the complex constitutional history of Serbia as a case study, following the evolution of the most important concepts such as human rights and the rule of l...
$113.00 (hb)
Contours of the Flesh
by Darlene M. Juschka
In the Eurowest pain is discursively framed as something that elides discourse and therefore is outside language. In this framing, pain, as outside language, is given asocial ...
$100.00 (hb), $32.00 (pb)
Bildung - Lehrhaus - Frankfurt
edited by Christian Wiese and Benjamin Pollock
Das von Franz Rosenzweig gegründete Freie Jüdische Lehrhaus in Frankfurt war zwischen 1920 und 1938 für die Jüdische Renaissance in der Weimarer Republik v...
$58.00 (pb)
Illuminated Manuscript Production in Medieval Iceland
by Stefan Drechsler
This book examines a cultural revolution that took place in the Scandinavian artistic landscape during the medieval period. Within just one generation (c. 1340-1400), the Augu...
$156.00 (hb)
Autonomy, Relatedness and Oedipus
by Thijs de Wolf
Autonomy, Relatedness and Oedipus is an innovative and inspiring work from Thijs de Wolf that takes a critical look at the field of psychoanalysis. He takes the view that psyc...
$44.95 (pb), $36.00 (pdf), $35.99 (oth)
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