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Deutung des Wortes - Deutung der Welt im Gespräch zwischen Islam und Christentum
edited by Andreas Feldtkeller and Notger Slencka
ISBN-13 9783374039005
ISBN-10 3374039006


Innovation in Financial Services
edited by Anne-Laure Mention and Marko Torkkeli
ISBN-13 9781443866767
ISBN-10 1443866768


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Teaching English Pronunciation
by Holger Schmitt
Pronunciation teaching has sometimes been referred to as the 'Cinderella of language teaching', implying that, like Cinderella in the folk tale, it has come to be neglected, c...
$24.00 (hb)
Ruling the Script in the Middle Ages
edited by Sébastien Barret, Dominique Stutzmann and Georg Vogeler
The textuality and materiality of documents are an essential part of their communicative role. Medieval writing, as part of the interpersonal communication process, had to fol...
$156.00 (hb)
Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Education Settings
by Barry Safterstein
Understanding and Interaction in Clinical and Educational Settings examines the interplay of interaction, reasoning, setting, and culture that affects the production of unders...
$100.00 (hb), $29.95 (pb)
Constructive Approaches to Submanifold Stabilization
by Jan Maximilian Montenbruck
Submanifold stabilization is the problem of steering a quantity towards a desired submanifold of the space in which it evolves. This is done by controlling the system producin...
$60.00 (pb)
The Katherine Group (Bodley MS 34)
edited and translated by Emily Rebekah Huber and Elizabeth Robertson
The Katherine Group brings together for the first time newly edited and translated versions of three dynamic saints' lives, The Lives of Saints Katherine, Margaret and Juliana...
$34.95 (pb)
Nationalstaat und Europäische Union
edited by Anthony B. Atkinson, Peter M. Huber, Harold James and Fritz W. Scharpf
English summary: This Festschrift in honour of Joachim Jens Hesse, one of the most important and influential political and administrative scientists of his generation, is a co...
$147.00 (hb)
The Normativity of History
edited by T. Merrigan, L. Boeve and M. Lamberigts
This collection of essays engages the basic themes of the five-year, joint research project (GOA), The Normativity of History. The project brought together specialists in the ...
$106.00 (pb)
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