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The Yehud Coinage
by Haim Gitler, Catharine Lorber and Jean-Philippe Fontanille
This volume presents a die study of the provincial silver coinage of Judah in the late Persian, Macedonian, and early Hellenistic periods. It offers correct descriptions of th...
$150.00 (hb)
Journal of Greek Archaeology Volume 7 2022
edited by John Bintliff
In this rich volume our articles range across all the main phases of Greek Archaeology from Prehistory to the Postmedieval era, and cover a wonderful range of topics.

$112.00 (pb)
Socio-économie du travail
edited by Anne Jourdain
Contributeurs : Irène Berthonnet, Clémence Clos, Thomas Coutrot, Corinne Delmas, Lucile Girard, Anne Jourdain, Vincent Jourdain, Fabien Lemozy, Saskia Meroueh, Marion Michel, ...
$57.00 (pb)
TV-Philosophy In Action
by Sandra Laugier
TV-Philosophy in Action is inspired by philosopher and series-devotee Sandra Laugier's monthly columns published in the French journal Libération. It is her contribution to th...
$84.00 (hb)
Reconstructing the Variant Generation Process of Hadith
by Hiroyuki Yanagihashi
This monograph is dedicated to the analysis of hadiths for the purpose of reconstructing the process of variant generation. Medieval authors seemingly did not devote many page...
$100.00 (hb)
Thomas Cranmer, Theologian
by G. W. Bromiley
In his important evaluation of the theological leader of the English Reformation, G.W. Bromiley charts Cranmer's doctrinal views, scriptural interpretation and liturgical comp...
$34.00 (pb), $28.00 (pdf), $27.99 (oth), $98.00 (hb)
Mural Decoration in the Theban Necropolis
edited by Betsy M. Bryan and Peter F. Dorman
The tombs and mortuary temples of Thebes have proved an enduring topic of interest thanks to a quickly expanding corpus of field materials and a series of conferences devoted ...
$99.95 (pb), $80.00 (pdf)
The Architectural Drawings of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and His Circle
edited by Christoph Frommel and Georg Schelbert
These volumes complete the catalogue of the Sangallo workshop drawings collection housed at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Antonio da Sangallo the Younger (1484-1546) and his...
$313.00 (hb)
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