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The Hellenistic Court
edited by Andrew Erskine, Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones and Shane Wallace
Hellenistic courts were centres of monarchic power, social prestige and high culture in the kingdoms that emerged after the death of Alexander. They were places of refinement,...
$99.00 (hb), $99.00 (pdf)
Transformative Readings of Sacred Scriptures
edited by Simone Sinn, Dina El Omari and Anne Hege Grung
The interpretation of sacred scriptures engenders vivid debates in religious communities, both at the scholarly and grass-roots levels. Issues of debate are the hermeneutical ...
$25.00 (pb)
Bayt Farhi and the Sephardic Palaces of Ottoman Damascus in the Late 18th and 19th Centuries
by Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis
One of the largest and most important palatial houses of late 18th- and early 19th-century Damascus belonged to the Farhi family, who served as financial administrators to suc...
$89.95 (hb)
Literarische Form / Literary Form
edited by Robert Matthias Erdbeer, Florian Kläger and Klaus Stierstorfer
This volume on literary form charts some key directions which the reconsideration of form in literary studies is currently taking and may fruitfully pursue further. The papers...
$75.00 (hb)
Platon, Le Banquet
edited and translated by Paul Vicaire, preface by George Steiner and notes by François L'Yvonnet
Des voix s'élèvent de la nuit d'Athènes pour célébrer l'amour. Les invités du banquet d'Agathon - ce sont ses talents de tragédien que l'on fête - livrent tour à tour leur ver...
$12.00 (pb)
Word of God, words of men
edited by Joanna Pietrzak-Thébault
The book presents many aspects of the phenomenon of translation and commentary work of the Bible in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 16th and 17th centuries. It conta...
$138.00 (hb)
Scholastica colonialis - Reception and Development of Baroque Scholasticism in Latin America, 16th-18th Centuries
edited by Roberto Hofmeister Pich and Alfredo Santiago Culleton
This volume is a collection of studies on Latin American scholasticism originally presented at the Fourth International Conference of Medieval Philosophy at the Pontifícia Uni...
$61.00 (pb)
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