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Narratives on Translation across Eurasia and Africa
edited by Sonja Brentjes, Jens Hoyrup and Bruce R. O'Brien
What has driven acts of translation in the past, and what were the conditions that shaped the results? In this volume, scholars from across the humanities interrogate narrativ...
$138.00 (hb)
The Father's Eternal Freedom
by Dario Chiapetti, edited by Norman Russell
John Zizioulas is renowned for his controversial reflection on the ontological freedom as the cause and cipher of God's being, which also has important implications for anthro...
$38.00 (pb), $31.00 (pdf), $30.99 (oth), $113.00 (hb)
Pilgrims in Place, Pilgrims in Motion
by Anna Collar and Troels Myrup Kristensen
Pilgrims in Place, Pilgrims in Motion: Sacred Travel in the Ancient Mediterranean brings together exciting interdisciplinary scholarship on the connected poles of pilgrimage: ...
Aesthetics of Improvisation
by Alessandro Bertinetto
This essay develops a theory of improvisation as practice of aesthetic sense-making. While considering all arts, references are made to many concrete cases. A topic in vogue s...
$79.00 (hb)
Death, Sanctity, and the Cross
edited by Barbara Crostini and Anthony John Lappin
A focus on crucified saints (like Christ in their death, unlike in its significance) has enabled this volume's contributors to explore varied aspects of martyrdom, the ascript...
$64.00 (pb)
Worked Animal Bone of the Neolithic North Aegean
by J.W. Paul
The Neolithic (7000-5000 BCE) of the North Aegean - comprising western Turkey, northern and central Greece, and the north Aegean islands - saw an influx of new subsistence str...
$160.00 (hb), $200.00 (pdf)
The Evil Imagination
by Roger Kennedy
Roger Kennedy has written a masterful investigation into the concept of evil. He begins with a general view of the subject before moving into more detailed analysis. First is ...
$35.95 (pb), $29.00 (pdf), $28.99 (oth)
Thomas Cranmer, Theologian
by G. W. Bromiley
In his important evaluation of the theological leader of the English Reformation, G.W. Bromiley charts Cranmer's doctrinal views, scriptural interpretation and liturgical comp...
$34.00 (pb), $28.00 (pdf), $27.99 (oth)
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