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Die Inschriften des Landkreises Göttingen
by Sabine Wehking
ISBN-13 9783895005169
ISBN-10 3895005169


Around the Point
edited by Hillel Weiss, Roman Katsman and Ber Kotlerman
ISBN-13 9781443855778
ISBN-10 1443855774


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Social Security in India and China
by Silvan Siefert
The main goal of the comparative study is to analyse contemporary social security provision and its determinants in India and China. Contrary to the classical assumption of We...
$134.00 (pb)
Sounding Funny
edited by Mark Evans and Philip Hayward
Comedy has been a feature of cinema since its inception. From mickey-moused accompaniments to slapstick scenes, ironic musical statements, clever musical allusions and jokes, ...
$100.00 (hb), $29.95 (pb)
Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Volume Eight

The eighth volume of the Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities contains eight lectures delivered at the Academy between 2002-2014....
$25.00 (hb)
Flexibility Planning in Distribution Networks
by Dominik Pfeiffer
Companies, especially in the consumer goods industry, have realized the importance of flexibility in their distribution networks for the provision of high customer service lev...
$62.00 (pb)
Marriage Metaphor and Feminine Imagery in Jer 2
by L. Popko
Jer 2:1-4:2 is a locus classicus of the prophetic marriage metaphor, which describes the turbulent relationship between Israel and her God. The literary form of the Book of Je...
$133.00 (pb)
Turks and Iranians. Interactions in Language and History
edited by Éva A. Csató, Lars Johanson, András Róna-Tas and Bo Utas
The contributions by an international group of leading scholars discuss the historical and cultural relations of old and modern Turkic and Iranian languages. A main topic is h...
$79.00 (pb)
Forgiving and Forgetting
edited by Hartmut von Sass and Johannes Zachhuber
Forgiveness has traditionally been associated with a duty to remember in order for reconciliation to be possible. Human failure, evil, and atrocities could thus only be forgiv...
$111.00 (pb)
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