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Property, Power, and Authority in Rus and Latin Europe, ca. 1000-1236
by Yulia Mikhailova
This book intertwines two themes in medieval studies hitherto kept apart: comparisons of Latin and Orthodox Europe and the "feudal revolution" of the late- and post-Carolingia...
$115.00 (hb)
edited by J. Arblaster
This volume brings together a series of contributions by leading theologians on the doctrine of theosis or deification in the Eastern and Western Christian traditions. While i...
$105.00 (pb)
Feasts and Fights
by Anthony Spalinger
Standing as a summary of Spalinger's ideas at the time of the Yale lectures in 2012, this study covers two research sides of modern Egyptological research by a life-long stude...
$35.00 (pb)
The Bar Books
by Kay Davenport
Renaud de Bar (d. 1316) was the sixty-ninth bishop of Metz, and the fourth son of the powerful count of Bar. The house of Bar had a distinguished lineage intertwined with most...
$130.00 (hb)
Conformed to Christ Crucified (Volume 3)
by Joseph Carola

$35.00 (pb)
European Muslims and their Foreign Policy Interests
by Imène Ajala
In a global context marked by terrorist threats, Muslim communities in the West have come under increasing scrutiny. Sensitive questions on identity arise with regard to their...
$94.00 (hb)
A New Divinity
edited by Michael A.G. Haykin and Mark Jones
This is a study on Reformed theological debates during the "Long Eighteenth Century" in Britain and New England. By "Long" a period that goes beyond 1700-1799 is in view. This...
$113.00 (hb)
Center, Province and Periphery in the Age of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos
edited by Niels Gaul and Volker Menze
This comprehensive volume offers new insights into a seminal period of medieval Eastern Roman imperial history: the rule of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos (913/945-959). Its...
$98.00 (hb)
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