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by Ulrich Berges
ISBN-13 9783374027521
ISBN-10 3374027520


Kommunikatives Handeln: Form und Würde moderner Weltgesellschaft
by Dorothee Zucca
ISBN-13 9783848712038
ISBN-10 3848712032


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Holy Places in Biblical and Extrabiblical Traditions
edited by Jochen Flebbe, consultant editor Uwe Baumann and contributions by Ian Boxall, Hywel Clifford, Megan Daffern, Axel Graupner, Dominik Markl, Hildegard Scherer, Andrea Spans, Till Magnus Steiner, Casey A. Strine and Nikolai Tischler
English summary: Religion is beyond doubt inseparably connected with questions about holy locations and places. These places gain their meaning not by their physical determina...
$44.00 (hb), $105.00 (pdf)
edited by Juan A. Roche Cárcel
The monograph essentially seeks to compare the sociopolitical construction processes of Spain, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. And, even though the papers inc...
$59.00 (pb)
Technologies of Theatre
edited by Hole Rössler
Baroque theatre spectacles are frequently celebrated for their overwhelming effects and marvelous technologies. However, little is known about how the mechanical knowledge for...
$64.00 (pb)
The Gospel as the Revelation of God's Righteousness
by Robert C. Olson
Paul's primary scriptural source in Romans 1-4 (and the epistle as a whole) is the prophecy of Isaiah and its redemptive narrative centering in the "proclamation of good news"...
$135.00 (pb)
Gothic Sculpture in America III. The Museums of New York and Pennsylvania
by Joan A. Holladay and Susan L. Ward
With 446 entries examining some 550 works of figural, architectural, and decorative sculpture in 27 museums and public institutions, this volume continues Census of Gothic Scu...
$100.00 (hb)
Motions of Late Antiquity
edited by Jamie Kreiner and Helmut Reimitz
When did Late Antiquity actually end? Peter Brown, who has done so much to define the field, once replied: 'always later than you think'. This book takes stock of this insight...
$117.00 (hb)
Medieval London
edited by Joel Rosenthal, Caroline Barron and Martha Carlin
Caroline Barron is the foremost scholar of medieval London and she has made her impact through a series of major articles touching the politics, gilds, and people of the City....
$89.00 (hb)
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