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Multilingualism and Education in Africa
edited by Daniel O. Orwenjo, Martin C. Njoroge, Ruth W. Ndung'u and Phyllis W. Mwangi
ISBN-13 9781443862226
ISBN-10 1443862223


Förderung in der schulischen Eingangsstufe
edited by Bodo Hartke, Katja Koch and Kirsten Diehl
ISBN-13 9783170208100
ISBN-10 3170208101


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Choreographie des Klangs - Zwischen Abstraktion und Erzählung / Choreography of Sound - Between Abstraction and Narration
edited by Marie-Luise Goerke, Gaby Hartel, Hans Sarkowicz and Ekkehard Skoruppa
English summary: Radio is a medium in flux, malleable and ever changing. For the past 90 years it has specialised in artistic, documentation and direct acoustic representation...
$38.00 (pb)
The Reign of Tudhaliya II and Suppiluliuma I
by Boaz Stavi
In the mid-fourteenth century BCE, two kings ruled in Hatti - Tudhaliya II and suppiluliuma I. During this period, Hatti was fraught with political turmoil and instability. It...
$57.00 (pb)
Economies, Public Finances, and the Impact of Institutional Changes in Interregional Perspective
edited by R. van Schaik
The way and extent to which differences in economic systems and stage of development, and the impact of institutional changes affected the political economy and fiscal systems...
$91.00 (pb)
The Participation of non-Catholic Christian Observers, Guests and Fraternal Delegates at the Second Vatican Council and Synods of Bishops
by Christopher Thomas Washington
The second Vatican Council and the Synod of Bishops are connected by the fact that Pope Paul VI created the latter during the Council in order to keep alive the spirit of coll...
$35.00 (hb)
Intercultural Horizons Volume III
edited by Eliza J. Nash, Nevin C. Brown and Lavinia Bracci
This volume brings together a representative set of the papers given at the third annual Intercultural Horizons conference held in Siena, Italy, in October 2013. The conferenc...
$90.95 (hb)
The Spolia Churches of Rome
by Maria Fabricius Hansen
A particularly robust approach to Rome's antique past was taken in the Middle Ages, spanning from the Late Antiquity in the fourth century, until roughly the thirteenth centur...
$34.95 (pb)
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