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Das Patentrecht im Lichte von Art. 14 GG
by Tobias Timmann
ISBN-13 9783161498565
ISBN-10 3161498569


Schöpfungsglauben lernen und lehren
by Franz Eckert
ISBN-13 9783525580028
ISBN-10 3525580029


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Mathematical Physics III - Integrable Systems of Classical Mechanics
by Matteo Petrera
These Lecture Notes provide an introduction to the modern theory of classical finite-dimensional integrable systems.

The first chapter focuses on some classical t...

$41.00 (pb)
A World of Innovation
edited by Gerhard Holzer, Valerie Newby and Petra Svatek
Gerhard Mercator (1512-1594) was the most important cartographer and globemaker of the 16th century. He is particularly remembered for his publication Atlas sive Cosmographica...
$81.95 (hb)
Byzantium as Bridge between West and East
edited by Christian Gastgeber and Falko Daim
The international conference Byzantium as Bridge between West and East (3rd-5th May 2012) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences underlined the mediation role of Byzantium betwee...
$134.00 (pb)
Children and Family in Late Antiquity
edited by K. Mustakallio, C. Laes and V. Vuolanto
This volume continues the series of five previous Roman Family publications, and puts special focus on social history and living conditions in the familial contexts. It concen...
$98.00 (pb)
Rocks, Paper, Memory
contributions by Christopher Ratté, Wendy Artin and Katherine A. Larson
This catalogue documents an exhibition at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology of watercolor paintings by American artist Wendy Artin and selected objects from the Museum's perman...
$19.95 (pb)
The Archaeology of Nuragic Sardinia
by Gary Webster
The Archaeology of Nuragic Sardinia is a comprehensive synthesis of evidence bearing on current understandings of Sardinian prehistory from the 23rd through 8th centuries BC. ...
$100.00 (hb)
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