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Burridge's Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World
by John T. Burridge
ISBN-13 9781443817417
ISBN-10 1443817414


Schloss Tirol
by Leo Andergassen
ISBN-13 9783795429379
ISBN-10 3795429374


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See Me! Hear Me! Divine/Human Relational Dialogue in Genesis
by E.B. Tracy
Fokkelman states, "The Bible does not contain one single instance of small talk." This thesis examines relational dialogue between the Deity and human individuals in Genesis b...
$63.00 (pb)
Performances of Ancient Jewish Letters
by Marvin Lloyd Miller
This ambitious and engaging book sets itself the task of combining a wide range of approaches to cast new light on the form and function of several ancient Jewish letters in a...
$125.00 (hb)
Religion in the Achaemenid Persian Empire
edited by Diana Edelman, Anne Fitzpatrick-McKinley and Philippe Guillaume
The Achaemenid Persian imperial rulers have long been held to have exercised a policy of religious tolerance within their widespread provinces and among their dependencies. Th...
$150.00 (hb)
The United States and China
by Narayani Basu
With its long history of internal divisiveness and its intersecting cultural and linguistic cleavages, East Asia is undoubtedly a complex area. However, the idea of East Asia ...
$81.95 (hb)
Exploratory Multivariate Analysis in Archaeology
by M. J. Baxter
This volume presents four techniques of multivariate analysis commonly used by archaeologists (principal component analysis, correspondence analysis, cluster analysis, and dis...
$39.95 (pb)
The Medieval Settlement at Komana / Komana Ortacag Yerlesimi
by D. B. Erciyas and M. N. Tatbul
At Komana where life existed at the presence of three different political authorities between 11th and 17th centuries, information regarding architecture, production, living c...
$30.00 (pb)
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