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The Ottoman Silk Textiles of the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels
by M. Van Raemdonck
ISBN-13 9782503511863
ISBN-10 2503511864


Die Wirklichkeit erkennen
edited by Harald Schöndorf
ISBN-13 9783170220188
ISBN-10 3170220187


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Layering and Directionality
by Brett Hyde
The metrical grid, the prosodic hierarchy, and the devices that establish directional parsing effects are closely intertwined in metrical stress theory. The metrical grid is t...
$95.00 (hb)
Differential Case Marking in Mongolian
by Dolgor Guntsetseg
Mongolian is an ordinary DOM (Differential Object Marking) language: the accusative case does not always occur on direct objects. This book investigates the phenomenon startin...
$73.00 (pb)
What is Human?
edited by Eve-Marie Becker, Jan Dietrich and Bo Kristian Holm
Already Scripture asks many questions regarding anthropological problems. In the 20th century, the scholarly field of anthropology has become a lot more complex heuristically,...
$113.00 (hb)
Examining Giovanni Bellini
edited by Carolyn C. Wilson
Carolyn C. Wilson, Introduction: Giovanni Bellini, an Art 'More Human and More Divine', Colin Eisler, Giovanni Bellini's Iris and Autopsia's Stylistic Role, Amy N. Worthen, An...
$130.00 (pb)
Applied Zooarchaeology
by Steven J. Wolverton, Lisa Nagaoka, and Torben C. Rick, with a foreword by Steven D. Emslie
During the last two decades, zooarchaeologists have increasingly focused aspects of their work on conservation biology. Zooarchaeological data represent an empirical record of...
$29.95 (pb)
Legal Encounters on the Medieval Globe
edited by Elizabeth Lambourn and Carol Symes
Law has been a primary locus and vehicle of contact across human history--as a system of ideas embodied in people and enacted on bodies; and also as a material, textual, and s...
$79.00 (hb)
Hadewijch. The Complete Letters
by P. Mommaers and A. Daróczi
Hadewijch, a Flemish beguine, who lived and wrote somewhere in Brabant during the thirteenth century, has brought mystical literature as a whole to its highest point. Hadewijc...
$81.00 (pb)
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