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Agony in the Pulpit
by Marc Saperstein
Many scholars have focused on contemporary sources pertaining to the Nazi persecution and mass murder of Jews between 1933 and 1945--citing dated documents, newspapers, diarie...
$99.00 (pdf), $99.00 (hb)
The Creation of Philosophical Tradition
by Ahmed H. al-Rahim
The reception history of the 11th-century philosopher Ibn Sina, known in the West by his Latinized name Avicenna, has received little scholarly attention and remains to this d...
$49.00 (hb)
Medieval Romances Across European Borders
edited by Miriam Edlich-Muth
They were the bestsellers of their time; in the late medieval period, a number of shorter romances and tales, such as Floire et Blancheflor, Partonopeus de Blois, Valentine an...
$98.00 (hb)
Driven by God
by Jae-Eun Park
For more than two millennia believers have struggled with the antinomy of God's absolute sovereignty over and man's ultimate responsibility in justification and sanctification...
$113.00 (hb)
The Appropriation of Passover in Luke-Acts
by Dany Christopher
Within Lukan scholarship, studies on the theme of Passover have mostly been confined to the pericope of the Last Supper (Luke 22:1-20). Few have ventured outside it and explor...
$97.00 (pb)
The Original Mediterranean Cuisine
by Barbara Santich
The Original Mediterranean Cuisine is both culinary history and cookbook, with 70 recipes from fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Catalan and Italian manuscripts, adapted for t...
$39.95 (pb)
New Studies in the Manuscript Tradition of Njáls saga
edited by Emily Lethbridge and Svanhildur Oskarsdóttir
Njáls saga is the best known and most highly regarded of all medieval Icelandic sagas and it occupies a special place in Icelandic cultural history. The essays in this volume ...
$129.00 (hb)
The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods
by Kim Tae-gon
This is the first monograph on the subject to be published in English. It comprises 130 full-colour plates of shaman gods.

Supported by two introductory chapters ...

$105.00 (hb)
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