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La raison du corps. Idéologie du corps et représentations de l'environnement chez les Mirana d'Amazonie colombienne
by D. Karadimas
ISBN-13 9789042915473
ISBN-10 9042915471


On Affirmation and Becoming
by Paolo A. Bolaños
ISBN-13 9781443866835
ISBN-10 1443866830


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No Islam but Islam
by Farzana Moon
This book weaves its way into the fabric of Islam torn into shreds by the birth of many sects. The great twins, Shia and Sunni Islam; Ismaeli Islam; Ahmadiyya Islam; Wahhabi I...
$81.95 (hb)
From Washington to St. Petersburg
by Marek Rewizorski
In the contemporary world, we can see the increasing risk of crises. In the second half of the first decade of the 21st century, the most serious consequences were caused by t...
$51.00 (pb)
Trumah / Band 22
editorial board member Frederek Musall and Annette Weber, editorial coordination by Ursula Beitz
English summary: Is there, or can there be, a process of iconography in Judaism, if the Hebrew Bible has largely placed a ban on the creation of images? Until now, the prohibi...
$30.00 (pb)
From Slovenia to Egypt
edited by Mirjam Hladnik
Aleksandrinstvo, the women migration from a small European country to prosperous Egypt (1870-1950) brought with it dramatic changes in the role of women and men, in the value ...
$50.00 (pb)
Forms of Individuality in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods
edited by Franz-Josef Arlinghaus
'Individuality' is one of the central categories of our modern society. Can the roots of modern individuality be found in pre-modern times? Or is our way of thinking about our...
$117.00 (hb)
Linguistic, Oriental and Ethiopian Studies in Memory of Paolo Marrassini
by Alessandro Bausi, Alessandro Gori and Gianfrancesco Lusini
Entitled to the memory of Paolo Marrassini (Florence, 1942-2013), Professor for Ethiopian and Semitic Studies in Pisa, Florence, Naples and Addis Ababa, this volume reflects t...
$173.00 (hb)
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