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Romantic Disillusionism and the Sceptical Tradition
by Rolf P. Lessenich
Neoplatonic Romanticism had a dark underside from its inception: Romantic Disillusionism, encompassing the Gothic and the new demonic doppelganger. The Classical Tradition's c...
$82.00 (hb), $194.00 (pdf)
KODEX 6 (2016)
edited by Daria Berg and Giorgio Strafella
Kodex, the Yearbook of the International Book Society edited by Christine Haug (LMU Munich) and Vincent Kaufmann (University of St. Gallen), aims to investigate the past, pres...
$56.00 (pb)
Cipriano de Rore
edited by Jessie Ann Owens and Katelijne Schiltz
In 1586 the poet Jean Mégnier described Cipriano de Rore as 'inventif,' a composer who searched out 'nouveaux accords.' The essays in this volume flesh out various ways in whi...
$100.00 (pb)
The Texture of Casual Conversation
by Diana Slade and Christian Mattiessen
Over the last three decades there has been an ever-increasing interest in the analysis of spoken interaction. Work on casual conversation, which for a time was found to presen...
$120.00 (hb), $35.00 (pb)
Collections at Risk
edited by Claire Derriks
Conflicts and wars, and more specifically the 2011 Revolution in Egypt, have brought to light the worrying question of the preservation of the cultural heritage in the world. ...
$49.95 (pb), $49.95 (pdf)
Borders, Identities, Communities
edited by Nicolae Paun and Sylvain Schirmann
This book explores reconciliation in East-Central Europe amid the process of EU integration, with historical references and analyses of current political and diplomatic proces...
$171.00 (pb)
Mos Christianorum
by James Petitfils
The preferred moral curriculum of a Roman education abounded with exemplary stories of Rome's native heroes. To inculcate conceptions of virtuous leadership, politicians and p...
$126.00 (pb)
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