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The Eucharist - Its Origins and Contexts
edited by Dieter Sänger and David Hellholm
These three volumes are the results of two conferences on the Christian eucharist and its context in the traditions of sacred and communal meals; the first conference was held...
$434.00 (hb)
Wakhan Quadrangle
by Hermann Kreutzmann
The Wakhan Quadrangle became an arena of colonial competition when four powers - Afghanistan, China, Great Britain and Russia - struggled for dominance in a remote mountain re...
$79.00 (hb)
Sins of the Tongue in the Medieval West
by Martine Veldhuizen
As modern medievalists have repeatedly established, harmful speech conduct ('sins of the tongue') aroused considerable interest among medieval authors. Lying, boasting, flatte...
$88.00 (hb)
Decapitation and Sacrifice
edited by B. Baert and S. Rochmes
The anthology Decapitation and Sacrifice is the result of an interdisciplinary project on the phenomenon of the decapitated Head of Saint John the Baptist in its exegetical co...
$105.00 (hb)
Central Periphery? Art, Culture and History of the Medieval Jazira (Northern Mesopotamia, 8th-15th centuries)
edited by Martina Müller-Wiener and Lorenz Korn
The medieval Jazira has still to offer a multitude of topics for research. As a crossroads in which artistic currents from different regions met, it is unique in the history o...
$147.00 (hb)
The 'New Testament' as a Polemical Tool
edited by Riemer Roukema and Hagit Amirav and contributions by Cornelius Hoogerwerf, Harald Buchinger, James Carleton Paget, Wolfgang Grünstäudl, Brian J. Matz, Martin Meiser, Riemer Roukema and Hagit Amirav
This volume contains papers on the ancient Christian use of potentially anti-Jewish New Testament texts. Martin Albl gives a general introduction to the opinions that ancient ...
$100.00 (hb), $239.00 (pdf)
unter freiem himmel -- under the open sky
by Ulla Marquardt
Under the open sky presents the work of six outstanding contemporary artists who are working with revived alternative photographic processes that were first introduced between...
$74.00 (pb)
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