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Don Luis und die Frauen Carvajal
by Dagmar Bechtloff
ISBN-13 9783447067812
ISBN-10 3447067810


Literature and Consumption in Nineteenth-Century America
edited by Nicole Maruo-Schröder and Christoph Ribbat
ISBN-13 9783825363697
ISBN-10 3825363694


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Dwellings, Identities and Homes
edited by Mette Svart Kristiansen and Kate Giles
The study of houses, dwellings, homes and identities is a rapidly-expanding field within medieval archaeology. Many of the 20 papers in this volume demonstrate the potential f...
$40.00 (pb)
Thomas Aquinas, De unione Verbi incarnati
edited by R.W. Nutt
This volume contains the first publication in book form of an English translation of Thomas Aquinas's controversial disputed question De unione Verbi incarnati. This disputed ...
$58.00 (pb)
The Brussels Tristan Tapestries
by Jacqueline Thibault Schaefer
Today, a modest number of Tristanian artifacts may still be admired in museums and castles. Digital access to art collections continues to enrich the list with surprises, such...
$130.00 (hb)
The Vision in Job 4 and Its Role in the Book
by Ken Brown
Near the beginning of the Joban Dialogues, Job's friend Eliphaz is attributed a remarkably subversive vision (Job 4:12-21). Laced with images of divine judgment and deception,...
$128.00 (pb)
by Jim Penman
Western civilisation is on a path to destruction. In coming decades, economies will shrink, democracy will retreat and nations crumble. The long-term result will be grinding p...
$19.95 (pb)
Traditional Agricultural and Domestic Tools in Palestinian Arabic
by Issam K Halayqa
Issam Halayqa describes the ethnographic and lexical backgrounds of the names of the agricultural and domestic tools and objects used by the inhabitants of rural communities, ...
$65.00 (pb)
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