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Linguistic minorities in Turkey and Turkic speaking minorities of the peripheries
by Christiane Bulut
Language plays an important role for the identity building of nation states and smaller linguistic communities. The authors of this volume present different aspects of the mut...
$119.00 (hb)
Decoding Canaanite Pottery Paintings from the late Bronze Age and Iron Age I
edited by Gwanghyun D. Choi
This book presents a systematic study of the decorative motifs and designs found on painted Canaanite pottery vessels excavated in Palestine and dating back to the Late Bronze...
$175.00 (hb)
The Birgittines of Syon Abbey
by Susan Powell
The Birgittine Order of nuns, founded by St Birgitta herself, was first established at Vadstena in Sweden in 1384, six years after the order had received papal recognition and...
$113.00 (hb)
The Gospel of Matthew on the Landscape of Antiquity
by Edwin K. Broadhead
The Gospel of Matthew is an oeuvre mouvante (a work in process), and the dynamics of this process are essential to its identity and function. This understanding of the Gospel ...
$209.00 (hb)
Gods, Objects, and Ritual Practice in Ancient Mediterranean Religion
edited by Sandra Blakely
Conversations about materiality have helped forge a common meeting ground for scholars seeking to integrate images, sites, texts and implements in their approach to religion i...
$44.95 (pb), $44.95 (pdf)
From the Romans to the Normans on the English Renaissance Stage
by Lisa Hopkins
This book examines the late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century engagement with a crucial part of Britain's past, the period between the withdrawal of the Roman legions a...
$89.00 (hb), $89.00 (pdf)
A Biblical Hebrew Reader
by T. Muraoka
This book is meant for those eager to get a quick overview of the grammar of Biblical Hebrew and get on reading some Old Testament passages in Hebrew. The outline grammar shou...
$34.00 (pb)
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